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Male, from Germany

World Cup Apartment in bohemian Lapa

Speaks: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German

Education: University

About me:
My friends and my family describe me as a very open-minded person with a lot of passion for the things I love to do or the things I want to achieve and learn. Love is without a doubt skiing, passion definitely is to learn surfing. Additionally I am very interested in cooking and food overall. A good diet consisting of fresh and qualitative ingredients is an essential part of my life. My love for adventure and curiosity always guided me to fascinating places on this earth. Be it remote ski touring in Argentina or diving with Manta rays near isolated Togean Islands / Indonesia. What always helped me during my travels as well as in my professional career is the strength to socialize / communicate with people and rapidly built a first base of trust. My values dominating my life are Freedom, Love and Simplicity accompanied by the mission to 100% focus on what makes me happy. That's why I quit my job to start an emancipated life away from social pressure and expectations. Be happy

World Cup Apartment in bohemian Lapa
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