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Female, 76, from Brazil

Your Rio home from home for the World Cup

Speaks: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German

Work: writer, director Iracambi Research Center

Education: Royal College of Music, University of London

About me:
I was born in England, I"m married and have two kids and three grandkids, and I live and work with Brazilian and international students in the Atlantic Rainforest. I''m a writer and lecturer, I travel a lot, and my current challenge is learning enough spoken Japanese to be understood when I join the Japanese Peace Boat later this year! I love to travel - both for work and for fun. My last adventure was six weeks by bus, train, camel and truck along the Silk Route in Western China and around the fringes of Tibet, and I''m planning a trip to Eastern Siberia next year to visit the throat singers of Tuva. We love hosting people at Iracambi, and we''re delighted happy to be able to offer our Rio apartment so that you can enjoy the World Cup which sadly we won'';t be able to attend due to a disgracefully heavy work schedule. If you want to visit the rainforest before or after your Rio stay, lease get in touch! .

Your Rio home from home for the World Cup
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