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6 Bed House, Salvador Ba
Parking available

The house is inside a cocconut plantation. In front you have the sea, in the back we have the lake.
Its a 3 bedroom beach house (1 suite). Simple architechture.
The suite is on the second floor, with a great view for the cocconut plantation and the sea.
House has TV, eletrical and wood burning stove, hammok, radio.
Its an occasion to feel tune with nature. Its possible having cocconut water at breakfast every day, feed the litle monkey who stay on the trees near the house and during the period of leatherback turtle its possible to see the litle turtle running to the sea.

Things to do nearby

The house is 6km from Salvador International Airport, 80km from Praia do Forte, Imbassaí and 20km from Salvador downtown.
The beach is great for surfing, kite surfing and snorkling (during the low tide its possible to swin in a coral natural pool near the house).

Its a great occasion to stay in the middle of the nature.

The owner

Female from Brazil
Joined 16/04/2015
Speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

I lived abroad for 10 years. I have this "peace of paradise" where I usually stay for vacation. All my international friends loved the experience of being in a so charm place in the middle of the nature. I would like to make this experience available for families interested on having this immersion in the nature.

House inside a cocconut plantation in front of the sea- SalvadorBahia


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