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2 Bed Apartment, Rio de Janeiro
Parking available

Apartment is situated in the "South Zone", which means that you are located in the most beautiful part of the city. The apartment is in Botafogo neighborhood. You are just 500 m from Copacabana Beach and 2 miles from Ipanema and Leblon. Remember, this is the place I live with my family and I am a representative administrator (an owner elected by other owners to admins the buiding). So you cant be safer in Rio. I will be in contact with you during your stay, in case you need something. I have my own parking place in this buiding so that you can rent a car and park in the buiding in the parking lot. So thats it. Keep in mind that you are renting an apartment with Living-room, double room, bath and kitchen from a middle class family. Enjoy.

Things to do nearby

Supermarket, Shopping, Beach and full transportation(because it's South Zone)


My Apartment is available to rent

Short term

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Male from Brazil
Joined 15/01/2016
Speaks English

Im a teacher in Rio. A simple person who works hard to keep the family. I like to interact with people , since I teach children from 7 to 18 in schools. It's quite a hard work but I love the change. I teach them and they teach me. I will stay very close to you (arround 200m). So I can give you advices and information to help you on your stay here in Rio. See ya.

Im a public server, honest. English teacher.


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