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4 Bed Apartment, Rio de Janeiro
Parking available

This space is unique in a sense it is put together as a home. I lived in the apartment for 3 years and put a lot of money in it to turn it into a very pleasant and comfortable home. All bedrooms and the living room have brand new A/Cs. The kitchen is fully equipped with appliances (fridge, microwave, stove, dishwasher, washing/dryer machine). The Bathrooms, and the living room are beautifully decorated with extremely cozy sofa and LCD TV on the wall. Least but not last... and you just can't get tired of the view to the ocean. Have a meal on the balcony!

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What are you looking for? Having a good time at the beach? Exploring good restaurants? Shops, movies, mall? Working in Rio?

Well...Barra has it all! The apartment is conveniently located within 5 to 10 minutes from all of the above.


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Male from USA
Joined 27/04/2016
Speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese

Just come, relax and have a great time.


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