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2 Bed House, Nova Vicosa
Parking available

This property is a recently built and seasonally functioning pousada. However, the owners will be living in a different city for the foreseeable future. So, they have decided to list it in the hopes of finding a renter seeking a peaceful retreat in a quiet coastal town in Southern Bahia. Perhaps the building would be perfect for an artist or writer? There is an enormous amount of space including a very large living and kitchen area, an unfinished but equally large second floor, and an expansive open-air covered third floor providing outstanding views of the beach, city, and sunsets.

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Your time is truly yours in Nova Vicosa. In an isolated but environmentally privileged location, the rest of the world seems to fade away when you are here. Laying in the hammock feeling the steady breeze gracefully fades into evening walks on the beach. There is no hustle & bustle nor worry greater than what to have for dinner.

For the visitor looking for an escape from the stresses of city-life, Nova Viçosa offers a different type of culture - one that embraces simplicity. Many of the city's inhabitants chose to settle in Nova Viçosa seeking a relaxed lifestyle, and so are protective of the peaceful and authentic environment.

Or, for those looking for a bit more excitement, the city hosts an impressive variety of events for a small town at the end of a road. Among the numerous annual events are the Festa da Baleia Jubarte, Moto Fest, Forró do Asfalto, Reveillon, Festa dos Mouros e Cristãos, Carnaval and more. In addition, the city is home to Capoeira groups, weekly Forró nights, art exhibits, and quality musical bands.


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Male from Brazil
Joined 24/06/2016
Speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese

The short version is that I'm a law student moving to Vitoria to shorten commute as I try to complete my degree. As such, I'm listing my pousada in Nova Vicosa for a few months.

There is no better place to relax than Nova Vicosa


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