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Rent my 2 bed Apartment, South São Paulo ,

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I love to go out either for parks or for a night out, so know lots of the places in the city and can suggest you lots of things to do around town. I also love to cook, so guests will be occasionally invited to join a nicely cooked dinner. São Paulo is an ecletic city, a perfectly chaotic mash of cultures blesses its citizens with the finest of foods as well as a diversity of entertainment—from karaoke singing in Japantown to the ubiquitous Samba. It has its natural beauty during the day, where you can go for a jog or bike in one of its parks, visit museus, market places or deep yourself really into our culture having a taste of our wonderful cuisine. For those who are a type of a night person, São Paulo has a fantastic and effervescent nightlife with plenty of bars, pubs, nightclubs, shows and international events all over the year. If you also wanna spend the day at the beach, São Paulo is 1 hour drive from Santos, where you can spend the the day in its quiet beaches. I also r